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Please read the ‘Useful info’ section below, before you use this price calculator, otherwise the price you see may not reflect reality. Please note the sizes are calculated in MM, so an 8cm design is 80mm etc. Please use the ‘Check My Design’ button to submit your project for a free appraisal. If your project is outside the scope of this quote calculator, then simply use the old form which is still available further down this page.

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    Congratulations, your project will now be reviewed by our team as quickly as possible. If approved, we'll send you an email containing a link to place the order. If rejected, we'll advise you on what needs to be changed. Please note that automated quotes are not valid until we've reviewed your project and approved it.

    Useful Info:

    Each new design must be carefully reviewed to determine the minimum size it can be made, as quite often only the simplest of designs can be made at small sizes. We generally don’t make patches where under 50mm is declared as the largest size (unless it is very simple), although  designs can be 80mm x 25mm etc. The prices are calculated on the highest of those two sizes (ie, 80mm), and that’s the size you would enter into the quote calculator to get an accurate price.

    Check My Design:

    When you click on the ‘Check My Design’ button, it will prompt you to select an image from your desktop, it must be a jpeg or png and the size limit is 2mb. Once you’ve done that, the button will change to a ‘Send’ button, which when clicked will complete the process. We provide the ‘Check My Design’ service to help guide you towards choosing the right size for your design. It also serves to determine whether your design can actually be made, as some designs just don’t work well in embroidery, although we do have many ways to make them work. The most common fix we’ll offer for a difficult design is to just make a simplified version of it. Sending your design for review, does not place you under any obligation to place an order. Once we approve your project, we’ll send you an email with an option to place the order if desired. We don’t apply high pressure sales techniques, we’re happy to wait until you’re ready. Quotes generated by the calculator are only valid after we’ve reviewed your project and have approved it.

    Faster Delivery Options:

    We do also offer an Expedited service for Embroidered patches, but there’s quite a lot more work involved in rushing an order through than merely faster delivery. The minimum extra charge for an Expedited orders is £75, or 50% extra, whichever is higher. Rush orders are normally delivered by DHL. If you need this option, then leave us a message in the text box on the quote form.

    Now it’s time to go back to the top of the page and get your quote.

    The old manual quote submission form is still available and is shown further down this page, it’s better suited to more complicated projects. 

    If you already have a company logo or even a rough draft of a design, then we’ll be happy to produce something from that image for you.  Alternatively if you only need simple text patches based on a standard text font, that’s also something we can put together for you, and there’s normally no charge for those services if you’ve placed an order and we’ll send you a digital preview for approval before we begin production.

    Please check your email junk/spam folders if you haven’t received our quote email within 24 hours

    Please use this form to request a quote.

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    Acceptable file types: doc,docx,pdf,gif,jpg,jpeg,png,psd,zip,rar,tif,bmp,ai,eps.
    Maximum file size: 2mb.


    Contacting us:

    We receive many new enquiries every day, and so we give priority to customer’s who contact us by email, either directly to, or via the webforms provided on this website, as email is better suited to handle high volumes of enquiries.  We also can’t provide quotes over the phone, as it takes up too much of our time, its much easier to send us all the relevant info & images for your project in the form provided on this page.  This allows us to view all the relevant information instantly, and respond quickly to your request, otherwise even simple requests over the phone can turn into a 30 minute call & that makes it difficult to respond to everybody within a reasonable time. Email is fast & efficient, it allows us to respond to all customer’s quickly, and often within just a few minutes.

    Placing Your Order.

    If you’ve received your quote and now wish to order, just let us know that you’d like to place the order by return email, and remember to include all the relevant information as requested in the quote email.  You’ll then be sent a click & pay email invoice, which can be paid by Credit/Debit Card or Paypal in a secure payment gateway.

    Some ISP’s have very sensitive email junk filters, so please check your junk folder, in case our quote email is accidentally filtered!

    The Order Process:

    Step 1) You get a quote for your project (use the email form on this page).
    Step 2) If you wish to proceed, you then place & pay for your order (instructions are on the quote form).
    Step 3) Once payment is received, your image is sent for digitizing on the same day.
    Step 4) 1 to 3 days later you’ll receive a digital design preview by email for your approval.
    Step 5) Once you’ve approved the design preview, your order is then produced & delivered.

    The entire process can take from 5 to 21 days depending on delivery option chosen, your order size, and our current workload. The average order is currently delivered in just 12 days with our free option.

    We only use high quality threads & materials for custom designs, and all new design images are sent to a professional digitizing service, who create the embroidery file we use in our machines, this approach to production guarantees a better quality product.

    The Costs:

    We must cover the digitizing costs for all new designs, and because of these initial costs, the cost per patch on small orders can be expensive, but will obviously be much cheaper on larger orders of the same design.  There are various money saving options shown on the quote form, to help you get the best possible value for your project.

    The Quality:

    When you choose Patchdepot, you’re guaranteed to get retail grade embroidered patches, something most other UK suppliers often promise, but rarely achieve.

    No design yet?

    If you don’t have an image of your design, you can also send us an image of a similar design to what you require, it may help us to see what you’re looking for, we can also make you a customized version of any design displayed in our shop.  We accept designs in most formats, including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, PDF, PSD, EPS, DOC, DOCX, AI, etc, and embroidery files in any format.


    All new customer designs are professionally digitized by Embrostitch.