Where is my order?

All orders are tracked throughout the delivery process. In the event of your order going missing, we’ll replace it at no extra cost to you.

Orders to international countries may occasionally be delayed, if they have a backlog at the customs entry point of your particular country, we have no control over how long an item takes to clear customs, but its normally only a few days at most.

Iron on patch fixing instructions: Iron on instructions are also supplied with every order, but is only to be used as a guide which may not be relevant to every situation, so it is by no means a substitute for common sense.

To activate the heat seal on your patch, follow these simple directions.
1. Heat iron to 400 degree’s (equivalent to the ‘cotton’ setting on your iron).
2. Pre-heat fabric where the patch is to be placed for 10-20 seconds.
3. Place heat seal side of patch on the garment and cover with a fine cloth to prevent staining or damage from the iron.
4. Turn garment inside out and iron back side of patch for 20-25 seconds.
5. If edges lift or turn up, repeat step 4.

Other patch fixing options: For when its not wise or practical to use a hot iron on a delicate surface, leather motorcycle seats would be an example.
You do have to be careful with leather and a hot iron isn’t always the best option, you could try one of 2 other options (at your own risk!)

Option 1) Carefully heat up the glue on the rear of the patch with a hairdryer on a low fan with high heat, and when it gets soft & tacky just press it on and apply pressure with a cold iron or anything flat and heavy for about 2 minutes and it should stick well once the glue has cooled and solidified.

Option 2) The rear of the patch is usually smooth and flat because of the glue coating, so you could use some serious superglue and spread it over the existing cold glue as it will stop the superglue from seeping through the patch, fix to the desired surface and apply pressure for as long as it takes the superglue to dry.