Custom Patches

Please use the ‘Get A Quote’ page to tell us about your project.

Your design should fall into one of 2 categories:

1) A text based design (letters and numbers only).

2) An image based design.

Text based designs:

Text based designs are normally easier to produce, so they’re often the cheapest option.

Image based designs:

Image based designs can be tricky to produce, as not every image is suitable for embroidery and fine detail is often very difficult, so please bear this in mind when sending us images of complicated designs.  Always send us the best quality image you can get, but keep it under 2mb in size for email.

Small quantity orders are always welcome:

We can produce any quantity of patches, the minimum order is variable depending on the design size, but is generally in the range of 5 qty to 25 qty.


The price per patch is normally determined by the difficulty of the design and the quantity of the order.

Things you should know about Patch Sizes:

When working out patch sizes, its best to calculate them in cmsq, as patch sizes are deceiving, here’s an example:

7cm patch = 7cm x 7cm = 49cmsq
10cm patch = 10cm x 10cm =100cmsq – its now actually twice the size!
20cm patch = 20cm x 20cm =400cmsq – its now 8x larger than the 7cm patch!

When you get into larger sizes, they get expensive very quickly.


Custom patch orders can take 2 to 3 weeks to complete, depending on the size of your order and our current workload.

Quality Control:

When you choose Patchdepot, you’re guaranteed to get retail grade embroidered patches, something many suppliers often promise, but rarely achieve.


All new customer designs are professionally digitized by Embrostitch.


We normally provide you with a digital sample for your approval before production begins, but if you require physical samples, then we advise you place a sample order of 1 patches (use the form on the ‘Get A Quote’ page) to see how your finished design will look & feel.  Alternatively, we produce many of the products for sale on, so for other samples of our work, please see ‘most of the products shown in the shop’.

Alternatively, please have a look at the small selection of recent projects shown our Patch Wall

Border Styles:

We have 2 border options, Laser Cut or Merrowed. For some difficult designs we may need to use a Simulated Merrowed Border in place of a normal Merrowed border.

Minimum order:


The majority of our custom patches are made on medium weight polycotton twill to give a quality look & feel to the unstitched areas of your design.

We prefer to make all of our embroidered patches with a factory grade iron on backing, as it helps to make the patches more durable, but we have 3 backing options available, Sew on, Iron On, or Velcro.

Sew On Patches/Iron on Patches:

Iron on backing is an additional process which is applied after the initial embroidery, so it normally costs a little extra,.  We only use industry standard transparent hot melt glue (as shown in the images below), your patches will be made the proper way, with the glue applied using an industrial heat press, which creates a smooth & flat iron on backing.

Velcro Backing:

Velcro backing is available at an extra cost, for custom orders in either Black or White colour options.


Velcro Types:

The minimum order for most small patch designs is 5 qty. There is no minimum order for larger back patch designs.

Design Advice:

Here are a few things to consider when creating an embroidered patch design.

Try not to cram in too much detail, as quite often people create beautiful designs, but when you shrink them down to a small size like 5cm, its impossible for an embroidery machine to bring out those important details, so try to keep it fairly simple, or make the important elements of your design as large as possible within the space available.

The size of the patch will make a big difference to the cost, as all patch manufacturer’s base their prices on how many embroidered patches they can fit into the embroidery frame at production time.  Some companies have smaller machines and lots of them, but most of the larger embroidery businesses run large machines with an embroidery frame of at least 30cm x 20cm.  For example, with a 17cm circular design, we can only get 1 patch in the frame, so its not really a viable proposition for us, when we can get from 6 to 24 smaller patches in the same frame space and make a whole lot more money.  So smaller sized patches are usually cheaper, but don’t go too small and compromise your design.


The number of colours in your design can also make a difference to the price (because as it gets more complex, it obviously takes longer also creates alignment issues with some designs), so again, less colours is better, and we all love to make simple one colour designs (white on black etc)!

Setup Costs: 

All costs are included in the quote we send you via the ‘get a quote’ page, there are no extra charges beyond that, unless you change the parameters of the order.

Production costs:

Embroidery machines are expensive to buy & maintain in the UK, and the materials for embroidered patches are also very expensive. – For example: £200 for a 50m roll of polycotton material, £150 for a 100m roll of iron on backing, £12 for a 5000m spool of thread, £50 for a roll of stabilizer, these expenses add up quickly for larger orders of 500+ qty, and no embroidery business can afford to make them for pennies anymore.  Even if you simplify your design & keep the size down, its highly unlikely you will find anyone in the UK to make even simple patches at less than £1 each, regardless of quantity.

Price Structure: When it comes to producing embroidered patches, every job is unique.  A complicated design can take up to 10 times longer to make than an simple design of the same size and qty, so for this reason, the prices shown by our automated quote system are not just calculated according to the order size, its also heavily weighted towards the cost of the materials and difficulty of the project as a whole.


Production Limitations:

The maximum patch size depends on both the patch type and the shape, and some options like a merrowed border & Velcro are often not available at unusual sizes. Here’s a quick guide:


The maximum size for Rectangles is 49cm x 32cm.

The maximum size for Squares is 32cm.

The maximum size for Circles is 32cm.

The maximum size for Unusual Shapes is currently 49cm x 32cm.

Merrowed Borders are available at most sizes for Rectangles & Squares, but is limited to between 6cm to 10cm on Circular patches. Merrowed is not available for unusual shapes.

Velcro Backing is limited to 10cm on most patches, although 30cm x 10cm, or 15cm x 10cm etc is perfectly ok, provided one of your patch dimensions is under 10cm.


The maximum size for Rectangles is 42cm x 30cm.

The maximum size for Squares is 30cm.

The maximum size for Circles is 16cm.

The maximum size for Unusual Shapes is currently 26cm x 16cm.

Merrowed Borders are available at all but the very smallest sizes for Rectangles & Squares, but is limited to between 6cm to 10cm on Circular patches. Merrowed is not available for unusual shapes.

Velcro Backing is limited to 10cm on most patches, although 30cm x 10cm, or 15cm x 10cm etc is perfectly ok, provided one of your patch dimensions is under 10cm.

We want to help make your design both affordable for you, and workable for us, so if you take on board some of the points mentioned above, it will help you better understand our position, also help you get the best possible quote for your project.


We will not produce a trademarked logo, or any design that may potentially infringe copyright, unless you are that company, or a representative thereof.  We may produce a design if we are satisfied the relevant permission has been obtained, (and we will check with the trademark/copyright owner!).