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About Us:


Patchdepot Ltd is registered as a Private Limited Company in England.




Patchdepot Ltd
71–75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden
London WC2H 9JQ
United Kingdom


Our Customers:
Our core customers are based in the UK, where we are building a loyal following of private & business customers.  We have also produced custom work for many Sports clubs, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Media, Television, Theatre, The Armed Forces and many Borough Councils in England, Scotland & Wales.


We’re also becoming popular overseas, with up to 1000 daily visitors from all over the world to Patchdepot.co.uk, and a growing list of customers in just about every country within the European Union, plus the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc.


You can also find Patchdepot on Amazon.co.uk & also on eBay.co.uk, and we now have a Several other websites at Custompatch.co.uk & Patchmaker.co.uk

Our Promise To You:

We will not retain any information about you after the transaction is complete, we do not have access to your financial information at any time during the checkout process, we will not harvest your email address and pester you with sales emails forever after, we will take your order and get it to you as fast as we can and be eternally grateful for your business and never bother you again. We are more than happy to sit around here and wait for you to return in your own good time.


You are helping us grow everytime you buy something in this shop, and we would especially like to thank those customers who take the time to share a link back to patchdepot.co.uk with their friends via facebook and twitter etc, with your help, its only going to get bigger and better!


We hope you enjoy your shopping experience at Patchepot.co.uk, We operate a very simple registration process, only your name, address & email is required and we’ve tried to keep things clean and simple. We offer a secure checkout process through paypal, or 2CO (2Checkout), new customers don’t need to register, you will always have the option to use the guest checkout.

 We also trade on eBay UK


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